#INTRODUCTION Hello! I'm Lucifer - another filthy player who's been playing league of legends for 8 years now. I'm a very active boards user and for past two years I've seen a lot of posts about players having massive problems with FPS drops in game after each patch. I have a big family, 8 computers in total and 6 of them are used by my brothers and me. We all together play lots of different games especially including league of legends. Last time when any of us had problem related to league FPS drops was 4 years ago, since that day I've taught my brothers to keep their computers clean and optimized for games and kept reading for updates to make sure I know all the new stuff which could cause FPS drops. For past 4 years, non of my 5 brothers, sister and 4 friends haven't had a single FPS problem in league, and I honestly believe that if this problem was seriously caused by patches then every single computer would have those same problems. What I am trying to say, is that all problems can be solved, I wouldn't dare to blame Riot Games unless I've tried everything to fix the problem with my computer. But I do agree that after one certain patch few months ago my FPS in game lowered, I've used to always have more than 500fps when the game began and never less than 400fps through out the whole game, even in team fights. Currently, me and my family/friends are getting 300-380fps in the beginning of the game and somewhere around 180-240fps through out the whole game. But it is super-playable for us anyway :) If someone's interested then here are some computer specs that our family is using: 1. GTX 980 4GB, i7-3770K, 8GB DDR3 [+240fps] 2. GTX 1060 3GB, i7-6700k, 16GB DDR4 [+225fps] 3. GTX 760 1GB, AMD Ryzen 5 2600X, 8GB DDR4 [+220fps] 4. AMD RX560 4GB, i5-7500, 16GB DDR4 [+220fps] ­ ­ ­ ­ ----- ­ ­ ­ ­ # WINDOWS 10 GUIDE (sorry mac users) ­ ­ ­ # INSTRUCTIONS: - It would be nice if you could test your in-game FPS after finishing each step to see what exactly might will help you out. - Preferable in-game settings for testing: - Windowed Mode = Full Screen - Character Quality = Very Low -> High - Effects Quality = Very Low -> High - Environment Quality = Very Low -> High - Shadows = OFF - Character Inking = ON - Frame Rate Cap = Uncapped - Anti-Aliasing = OFF - Wait for Vertical Sync = OFF ­ ­ ­ # FIRST STEP (IMPORTANT): - [Give league full administrative access](https://imgur.com/a/CbaMGRo) ­ ­ ­ # SECOND STEP (optional, if you suffer ping problems): - [Give league full network access](https://imgur.com/a/C1syEWA) ­ ­ ­ # THIRD STEP: - [Configure high power performance plan](https://imgur.com/a/3KYQ2xL) ­ ­ ­ # FOURTH STEP: - Disable XBOX DVR on Windows 10. - Go to start menu, choose settings. - Find "Gaming" tab and click it. - Turn OFF everything you can find there in all sub-tabs. - Additionally download [this registry editor](https://www.dropbox.com/s/hke30y91vb2gbd8/Disable_DVR.reg?dl=0). - Launch the script, allow run, say yes (UAC), say yes to continue, click OK to finish. - Restart your computer to finish. ­ ­ ­ # FIFTH STEP (for NVIDIA users ONLY): - Ask yourself a question "Did you install your graphic drivers?" - If answer is yes, then let's see if NVIDIA control panel is still functioning correctly. - Go to your desktop (Win+D) and right click on any empty space. - Menu should drop, see if you can find "NVIDIA control panel". - NVIDIA settings should open, go to "Manage 3D settings". - Find "Power management mode" option and set it to "Prefer maximum performance". - Click "Apply" to save and then exit. You're done here. # MENU DROP DOWN TROUBLESHOOT: - You didn't find NVIDIA control panel option in the drop down menu? - Click on windows search and type in "services" or "services.msc', open it. - Find all NVIDIA related options. - Double click each option, set their "start-up type" to automatic, click Apply. - After clicking Apply, make sure to click "Start". - After all options will be running, click on windows search and type in "msconfig". - Go to third tab named "Services" and tick "Hide all Microsoft services". - Find all NVIDIA related options and make sure they are TICKED. - Click OK when finished and confirm computer restart (or restart manually). - Still can't see NVIDIA control panel option? Then go [here](http://www.nvidia.com/Download/index.aspx) and manually download your graphic card driver, reinstall it, restart your computer and see if it will work. - If problem was solved, return to FIFTH STEP. ­ ­ ­ # SIXTH STEP: - [Check Windows for corrupted files](https://imgur.com/a/BrnJj1d) even if you recently had a super-clean fresh windows install. # X% STUCK TROUBLESHOOT: - I often get stuck at X% when doing any of those cmd-commands. - Same X% stays for more than 15 minutes. - One thing that always helps me, is simply left-clicking few times in the black area of the cmd-window and hitting ENTER few times. ­ ­ ­ # SEVENTH STEP - If none of the steps above helped you then you might have hardware problems (I had to replace my motherboard because it kept telling me I had corrupted files at step 6) - Maybe your processor or graphic card is too weak for today's games and you need an upgrade. ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ Let me know if any of these above helped you out or not! Take care everyone and have fun! ^^ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ # TAGS (For google searchers): low fps constant fps drop league of legends patch 8.15 low fps league of legends fps fix league of legends fps drop league of legends fps boost league of legends fps problems league of legends low frame rate league of legends low fps league of legends low fps windows 10 league of legends frame drop league of legends frame rate drop windows 10 league of legends slutter league of legends frame rate problems league of legends frame rate drops league of legends client lag league of legends client lagging league of legends client problems lol fps drop lol fps boost lol fps increase lol patch 8.15 fps problems lol low frame rate lol fps fix fps problems league of legends fps problems lol fps problems in game fps problems after recent patch windows 10 fps drops windows 10 low fps fix windows 10 low frame rate in games nvidia low fps nvidia bad frame rate nvidia fps fix nvidia control panel not opening nvidia control panel not working nvidia control panel disappearing next day
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