My Thoughts on league right now.

Hello everyone reading this post, hope you all are having a fantastic day! and that you get to enjoy this years world championship! Let's start with the topic, my thoughts on league right now, Ranked: Seems like this season have a lot of problems with MMR ratings both in high elo and lower elo, i keep getting low silvers in my gold games, the "trolling" and people going AFK seems to be more common this season that previous ones. I might just have "bad luck" but it seems to happen more often then ever before. How ever the solution for this problem is very complex, either you have to punish/ban everyone going afk and that is not fair against people who's internet dies or IRL stuff comes up. But it should be something that they can look at how to resolve. Trolling how ever should be easier to punish if a person keeps getting 10+ deaths several games with no kills or maybe 1-2 they are clearly not just having a bad game. They are doing it to destroy other peoples free time to play videogames. One solution for the AFK problem could be that you get loss prevetion if a person on your team is afk for more than 10 mins of the game. Except if you qued together than none of you get loss prevetion if your partner decides to leave. Balance: This season has clearly been riddled with bad balance choices i am not saying that i can balance champions or get the complex decisions behind making champs viable and keeping them in check instead of making them completly OP. This season have so much dmg, on almost everyrole there is someone that can one shot someone with a single combo, the meta is so fast in solo Q (a little bit slower in worlds atm) So many champs are getting perma banned or perma picked and they keep being at that state or gets completly demolished. I myself think that the ADC role is pretty weak compared to the other roles except Kai'sa/Xayah. Mages are once again getting more prevelant in bot lane, and personaly i think that mages do not belong in bot lane. Because in solo Q it's so hard to punish, since mages scale on lvl more than items or have faster scaling with items that your traditional ADC. Supports are also in a really strong spot and pyke keeps being OP at all ranks, and his next nerf is less HP per level i do not know if this is the right way to go, he's just to safe and can trade way to easy w/o getting punished for being to forward. Sometimes i think it's just better to lower dmg overall, make everything a bit slower, less OS meta every new champ that get's realeased is more OP then the one before. The removal of events and orbs: I myself loved the event maps they were so fun and a nice break from SR, and my wife that just started playing league almost a year ago never got to experiance them, and i feel like all new players miss out on waitiing for those events to show up. Not everyone loves ARURF some people love it some people hate it just as with the other events. Just feel like they brought way more life to the game, gave the community a chance to put away toxicity to finnish a common goal and get some nice rewards with it. Instead of kill X minions/towers/baron/drakes. Gain X coins and gain one orb. Sure it's always exciting to get a new skin i get that one from getting essentaly free loot, but can't we package some of those orbs to more intresting maps or events instead of the stale ones we have now. Iam not saying we want events all the time, but some of them can be real events with a new map or story telling and some of them can be more stale if you don't have time to develop all of them, A happy community will spend more on the game than a community that keeps getting things removed that they love. I really hope that 10 year anneversity blows the communitys mind, with new good stable things that will make people happy about league again, make people get less toxic, leave less games and keep this amazing game rolling for 10 more years. Kind regards!

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