An IN DEPTH guide how to exit bronze/silver if your team feeds (the real one)

EDIT2: Look at this winning streak guys, my method works: Thanks to the user Allosen for this picture from my past winning streak. TRY MF TOP ITS OP Ok, so i've been stuck in bronze quite a while and now im Platinum, wanna shaare something with u guys. 1. Make a new acc with ur main champ's name in the nickname 2. Spam ur main champ until level 30 3. Win 10/10 games and get placed in Plat 5 4. Play one game a week and win it so u dont get demoted to gold 1 due to inactivity 5. When season ends u gonna get plat border and icon, and skin lok. 6. Play normals for the rest of ur life. 7. Profit. Gg ez EDIT: if this doesnt work buy an account that is plat+ you will be out of bronze as soon as u login into that acc
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