Didnt know this??

[Wukong image](http://imgur.com/O4ceYyp) So i started a custom game, i do that sometimes when i dont have enough time to play a complete game or want to test out a new champion/practice cs or whatever, and had wukong selected as my teammate bot his name showed up as MonkeyKing bot in champion select, but in the loading screen it was Wukong bot like how it should. anyone noticedthis before? :P has this maybe something to do with when wukong was being created, he had a different name like what happens a lot (Ao Shin, deadeye, azir had a different name as well i think, others that i don't know/remember) which was the MonkeyKing? PS. I selected vayne as my champion, and i had to go midlane against malzahar. Vayne said: "i smell black magic" right when malzahar got to lane, is this racist since malzahar is kind of Arab-ish by the looks of it? :P
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