Why this game is one of the few games that are driven by a strong meta influence.

Out of most games that I've played in the past, Mmorpgs, Mobas, they all had a variety of ways to be strong as a player and so on, but League is not in that category. The game is driven by a meta, meaning that a certain number of champions, usually around 30-ish, which are the elite in a certain patch, and the rest of the champions require a much higher skill level to get on the same efficiency level as the elite champions, which is a problem. You may call it bad balancing but I just think there are too many champions coming out too fast and the staff cannot balance the game properly, since there are too many champions to please and make playable at a competitive level. It's hard to balance 129 champions. Yes, the next champion will be #130, can you believe it? That's a lot of abilities, kits, stats to even out, huh? That's the issue. Take a break from making champions, Riot and rather focus on making more existing champions feel like they can actually make a difference, since most of them require a very high skill level to be competitive and viable. I mean, unless you have a god-given talent for a specific champion and you feel connected to it in some way, then good for you, but for all of us mortals down here on planet Earth, it's not fun having to play 30-ish champions most of the games in order to win without having to piss blood and have sweat dripping down our faces after a 45 minute 50-50 chance game. Thanks for reading
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