Proof that secondary positions and Autofill is a bad idea.

So i've done the calculations and this is what i've found out. Currently just counting my Marksman role I have played: - Around 1000 games played with Marksman - 1327 games in total. (Which is a lot i know, i have nothing else to do.) - Around 327 games are other roles or Marksmen that i've played like once or twice. Now heres the math: - My current win rate is 51% with 672W and 655L. - If I were to have played ONLY the marksman role then I would have 596W and 480L making my Winrate 55.4% - Now lets say I add in those other games but instead of me playing a secondary position or being autofilled I were to play adc. - If i were to simply divide the remaining games by 2 and share them across my Wins and Losses then my Winrate would be 55.2% - But in a realistic manner if we took how much wins and losses I would have based on the win rate I would have (55.4%), then I should apply that 327 games total and get an increase of 5.9% in my winrate. Overall if I were to play only the Marksman role in Ranked and not get auto filled then my Winrate would be somewhere around 61.3%. That is how bad autofill and secondary positions are. It just goes to show that getting autofilled and getting your secondary position (Which most people just put mid or jungle to get a higher chance of getting their primary) can decrease your win rate by almost 10% which is shocking to me.
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