Riot should make books based off their Lore.

I feel like if Riot made books like the lore they did for the Gangplank event and even the recent harrowing they would make millions. Like im a fan of the lores i've read all of the champions lores atleast twice and each one gives me such a cool insight to the champion that it makes me want to play each one after reading them. What i would love (though probs never happen) would be like books based on champions before the league like i don't know maybe the war of Demacia and Noxus from the point of view of the Generals Aka Garen or Darius or even a soldiers point of view like "my life was almost at an end until the abrupt scream and blood slew from his mouth there through his chest resides the might of Demacia's hope like a giant beacon the sword our great general Garen uses thrust through his chest it was truley a sight to behold.>" (poor story format but you get the jist). Now i can imagine people would be like it would be better if they were cinematics which although that may be true to alot of people like again im a fan of the cinematics i feel like the thing that the Gangplank story and Harrowing has over the cinematic is the imagination of it all you can imagine alot more in detail then what you can envision.
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