the end of league? is here? :(

allot of players quitting allot of Youtubers quitting allot of streamer's moving to overwatch from what why ? cause of this change called dynamic queue Riot needs to wake up or its time to break up soon it will be Riot no games instead of Riot 1 game they should just bring solo queue back for the sake of the game this game could last forever with League Esports starting to be recognized as real sports but Riot is ignorant you can say what you want but you can see what's happening I'm sure Riot can still fix this just bring back Solo Queue and A big fat sorry that's all we need they're is no game without the players Like i mean why can't they bring it back ? i just don't get it they're is no reason to not bring it back 0 i don't want to see this game die i have been playing since season freaking 2 Bring Solo Queue Back Riot Before Its To Late...
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