Well riot im %%%%ing done, trying to climb in your dogshit game and im tired to be honest now and its july which means i have wasted 7 months trying to climb in your pathetic game and im done if you dont start banning and fixing it. I have done nothing but lose 4 games in a row today was close to silver 4 a few months ago, and i am now bronze 3 thanks to your fantastic match making, but its based on mmr you say well thats bullshit because i have over a 50 percent win rate and matched with people under a 45 percent win rate so how the %%%% does that work??. If MMR is so important then why the %%%% cant we even see it???, no no its because you purposely %%%% everyones winrate up if not then surely that would be a sign to fix your %%%%ing game, stop matching me with trolls like this, []( Seriously though if i continue to drop because of the trolls in this community you do nothing about then i will uninstall this garbage game and %%%% you off because im %%%%ing done when there are SOOOOOOOOOOO many other games out there and other people on here repeating the same shit im saying FIIIIIXXXX YOUR %%%%ING GAAAAMMMEEEE. Or instead of that and reporting these posts to the people you represent are you just gonna delete it huh??? last warning and chance riot, stop taking peoples money and time for your own and %%%%ing fix this issue so many are reporting. End.
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