Playing for fun is not running it down mid

Hey guys, Yesterday i had pretty interesting game. My buddy invited me for a game in EUNE. so i logged into my account there and we had few normal draft pick games. Then this game came. I was support my buddy i played Soraka he played Vayne. Toplane was Kled , elise and mid Zed. Why im telling u that... Well the game went pretty good , Toplane was 1-0-1 , Midlane was actaully pretty good 2-1-0 , and at botlane we picked early kill because enemy adc though he can flash under our turret and kill me when i have barrier so my adc was 1-0-0 So... The jungler ganked toplane they picked up a kill and went straight for the Herald. Then me and my adc picked up 2 kills at botlane, we used all of our spells and my adc had like 100 hp and mana for like 1 more Q . and i had less than 5% hp and mana. ( enemy jungler tried to get us but we escaped ) Our midlaner thought its gonna be a good idea to go for dragon while enemy jungler is full hp at botlane and enemy midlaner full hp with ult. While we dont even have HP and mana. So we told him we cant go and we need to reset. But he kept spaming zac while the herald was like 3k HP to go to dragon and forget about herald. Then he started dragon on its own. Tried to solo dragon as zed , ofc enemy midlaner and jungler killed him and took dragon. After that the meltdown came. He told us that we are useless bot, that everytime when the enemy botlane is dead we should go for dragon since its free and dragon > free win. again i told him we had no HP. and he told us that we dont want us to win the game its not that we didnt had HP and mana... ( the enemy jungler is botlane and ours is toplane, even if we went there we could get one shotted and dragon stolen. ) Then i told him , dude chill we got this top lane is doing fine and botlane is doing fine, in which he replied : no you guys want to lose the game... and then i told him dude im playing for fun not to tryhard like after the game i will get challenger. But im not playing to lose either. anddddd... then he said , oh i will play for fun aswell... he sold all of his items and bought AP items... he became AP zed does even zed scale with AP ? idk... He start running it down mid, after each death he said in all chat : WOOOOO im playing for fun i have SOOOO MUCH FUNNNN He straight up ran it down mid and gave fizz like 14 kills xD at the end of the game he was 2-15... So guys , please stop with the wrong udnerstanding of Playing for fun. Playing for fun does not mean that you ran it down mid or you playing to lose the game. You just playing to enjoy the game. Im playing to enjoy the game , not to get mad. I'm even playing for fun in ranked and i still have 60-70% win rate. >.> its really annoying how people thinks playing for fun has to be building AP on only ad scaling champion and running it down mid. It happens a lot actually i have other examples but this is the most recent game i had.
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