Sick and tired of monkeys at low elo as support.

So I've been playing a lot of ranked flex lately with my friends as a jungler. But sometimes someone would get bored of their role and we switch it up. My secondary role has become support which I started really liking by playing Bard. So after many ranked games with Bard and after believing that support players have it easy - getting carried by the other roles (poor me) - I decided to queue as support playing Bard at low(silver) elo. OH MY GOD you poor support players, the horror! The insanity. The craziness and stupidity!!! So, I lost 6-7 ranked games in a row, in some I did more damage than our adc, in others than the jungler (you get the idea), I EVEN STOLE BARON in one of the games with the same result. Defeat defeat defeat. No matter how much I took care of my adc providing them with heals, shield (from runes) stun the enemy when they were about to get killed, ult to divide them and conquer... My freaking adc would always find the best way to die. When I gave them a lead... They would soon rush to throw it back at my face. And to not just blame the adc, in most of those games the entire team fed their asses off, then enemy team would 4/5 man bot and ggwp. I realized the situation after the first few games but thought I would continue just to see when and if I'll get carried - making sure I'm doing my job right as well of course - the thing is... I never did. I now have a negative win rate in ranked with a streak of losses as a badge of honor. This is not just a git gud situation. How does a support player is supposed to climb the ladder if he only gets monkey teamates? I mean, one, two? Maybe even 4 games out of 6 is an okay number or bad luck.. but 6 out of 6 is insane. I'm not talking about bad players, I'm talking about monkeys that think they can 1 v 3 when they're two levels behind kind of thing. I just wanted to take it out of my system and sympathize with real support mains. Thanks for reading and Feel free to share your thoughts/ideas/suggestions/flame.
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