Why Riot doesn't care

Since the release of the dynamic queueing system there has been almost nothing but complaints. "We don't like it, please change it back" "It isn't accurate" "It makes it unfair on solo-players" Countless, posts. And for what? Have we received a legitimate reply from any riot employee or has calling on it made any progress in getting what we want whatsoever? No. Riot is a company at a stage where they do not care about your voice unless it has influence whatsoever. Will the new dynamic queue stop the majority of people playing? Definitely not. Will it stop a reasonable amount of people playing? No. Probably not. Will it encourage a tiny, almost invisible portion of the community from playing? Yes. That is why Riot doesn't care. You complain about the dynamic queue but play it anyway. From now on, you probably shouldn't ever suggest... anything. Do you think they listen to fan creations of skins despite getting support from thousands and thousands and thousands of players? No. Champion designs? Definitely not. Any changes whatsoever to gameplay unless you have a large fanbase or are 1 of the many using the PBE for videos rather than giving feedback as it was intended? Nope. Have you ever heard of the term, "Seller's market"? I'll put it into context for you. League of Legends is a sellers market, it has such a monopoly over the gaming industry, particularly within MoBas, that it does not need to listen to the voices of individual or grouped players as it will continue to grow as the entire globe enters a technological age. This is why I will be moving to Overwatch, once and for all, after my next paycheck :) Dear the heads of Riot Games, I wished you cared as much as each individual player you have does. Regards, Joseph inb4 downvotes for speaking on real terms when opposing Riot's philosophy, something the whole community is desensitized to
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