Azir mana groeth buff?

Since Rito was so nice to buff the bird person himself over the course of a couple of patches recently I do believe he's in a relatively good position. Granted a 47 percent wr isn't amazing but it's higher than it's been in a long while without him Bein OP in pro play. And hey to me 47% is almost perfect for a champ like Azir because if you dedicate yourself to play him you can see decent success. So my proposal would be to give him more Mana per level so it's not effecting his landing too much but at least giving him fuel in late game sieges or fights without either going oohm or low key having to build luden's. Just wanted to know your opinion on this matter is. If it'd make him OP or if that'd be fine since I remember Riot giving him more mana per nexus blitz only. Ever since that day I can't get this outta my head. I need ma mana bro :c TL;DR: mana growth buff to birdie yah or nah?
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