match making is just taking the mick now.

i have done nothing but lose match after match after match thanks to trolls feeders and inters, i have fallen from being close to silver 4 and then somehow been matched with monkey so it would seem and i have done nothing but lose over and over again and it dont matter if i do well dont matter if i had a bad game i always end up losing and now im bronze 4 yet again and its now half way through the year, i have wasted a year playing this garbage game to try and climb and do nothing but lose because of other people. Frankly im done riot now your event is also a joke another disaster yet again and your ranked is just full of trolls and monkey and im done, im uninstalling because i have had a damn enough now to bye riot and suck a %%%% im done. You really dont care about the player base your garbage pay some love to euw server maybe and sort your damn report system out sick and tired of losing over and over and having to report over and over the player base is disgusting and some of the things people have said is also disgusting you really need to fix this game its really bad euw.
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