why is starcraft 2 dead all of a sudden?

I remember like 4 years ago where sc2 was the king of esports and League was just the little boy in the dusty corner, Now its the complete opposite, any way I re-dwln SC2 about a month ago and i realised that its mostly dead, matchmaking can take up to 2+ minutes to find someone to play with/against, also when you finish a match theres always a high possibilty that you will be once again matched with the same player/players which can be annoying espicially if that opponent was either really easy or hard to beat.... anyways is there any sc2 players left here? can you tell me more or less when the game mostly died out? ive seen that there releasing new updates and patches, but it doesnt really bring any new players back in sadly.. Im guessing players prefer the more social and simplistic game of league of legends, instead of learning how to micro/macro like 20 different keys at the same time to even be remotely good at sc2 xD Overall for now im having more fun on sc2 simply because you climb ladders SOLELY on YOUR ACTIONS and you dont have to be dependent on your 4 other potential %%%%%%s that can destroy your winning lane and game on League... also im seeing that s6 is officially gonna be the worse season for me for league, so i might take a 1 year "break" from it xD unles drastic meta changes appear like in s5
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