Luck or something else ?

I got placed in B4, was silver 3 in season 6. Been on a BIG losing streak. And idk what happened. While i was B4, i spammed Yasuo and went to b3. Had 0 lost games from b3 to b1 with annie. BUT. All the games were played at night. Now, im looking at a daytime games and a night games. I win much more games at the night, and seem to do very well. You can see my match history yourself. All the won annie games and a winning streak yasuo/garen games were played at night, whereas lost games were played at a daytime. Am i winning because im getting a better teammates because kids are asleep or im just lucky ? I feel so much more focused on the game when its night outside. P.S. Last night i was B1 70 lp and i played 4 games today and lost 3 of them. Now im b1 2lp xD i think ill continue playing when its night xD

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