Being muted for 25 games for this:

Game 1 In-Game Hajrulla: invd4firstblood Hajrulla: Ezreal muted Hajrulla: thanks Hajrulla: so lucky Hajrulla: :d Hajrulla: wp Talon Hajrulla: nvm Hajrulla: help me push Hajrulla: he's bad Hajrulla: You took my pick man Hajrulla: thanks Hajrulla: xD Hajrulla: dont let them recall Hajrulla: focus on objectives not kills Hajrulla: wp jax Hajrulla: defend Hajrulla: ez puish dont let them go to drag Hajrulla: Impressive Hajrulla: Talon push Hajrulla: They lalm id Hajrulla: push Hajrulla: Ok guys we are throwing Hajrulla: It's winnable now. Hajrulla: I'm not carrying this Ezreal, from minute 1 toxic. Hajrulla: udyr never came Hajrulla: when he came he almost inted Hajrulla: I towerdived him Hajrulla: ezreal say sorry or I afk Hajrulla: if Ezreal doesn't say sorry you guys can win Hajrulla: thanks do what Naut said Hajrulla: ggwp team Hajrulla: he just said I am not sorry. Lmao Hajrulla: Ggwp guys, u can win Hajrulla: I regret unmuting you Hajrulla: ggwp Post-Game Hajrulla: Ezreal just say thank you to NAut, Zil and Talon. Hajrulla: Be happy that they were good and didn't flame Impressive, and people who int or f my mom I still see them playing <3

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