**Community:** We want more uses for blue essecne! _Riot makes Mastery level 6 and 7 unlockable via Hextech crafting. _ **Community:** OMG Rito u forcing us to use Hextech crafting! **Community:** We want new gameplay and versatility! _Riot makes huge changes for the new season, adds new items, reworks abilities._ **Community:** OMG OMG OMG Rito wtf u breaking the game everything OP now GG i quit! _(reinstalls after 2 weeks)_ **Community:** We want more unique champions and skills! _Riot tries their hardest to introduce new original abilioties and mechanics to the game._ **Community:** OMG Riot why you make so OP champs GG this game sucks now! _(continues to play anyways)_ **Community:** Bring back URF! _Riot brings back URF._ **Community:** Omg URF sucks now only Zeds and Ekkos and tryhards fuck this! _(played it anyways)_ I can give more examples. This community is the BIGGEST kindergarden of unpleased spoiled children! You are all lucky that this company is actually releasing a hyperpolished game like League **FOR FREE**! Under normal circumstances League would have to cost you atleast a monthly fee. And don't give me that _"But i buy skins"_ because NOBODY forced you to pay for this game. Riot didn't have a gun to your head telling you to buy skins. It was YOU who made the decision! I know the community has a voice and feedback is always important, but there is a **BIG** difference between feedback and whining. And the examples i left above are **PURE** whining. Whining, because Riot keeps the game fresh, updated and interesting. Whining, because Riot actually cares. And you people whine about **EVERY LITTLE CHANGE**! I can already smell the _"Revert mage change"_, _"New dragons too stronk"_ and _"Rift Herald buff too OP QQ" _ threads. We might as well be brought back in Season 1 since people tend to throw a tantrum everytine the game is updated! _Almighty._
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