Banned for 1 game? Let's go from the beginning I was playing a normal game with a friend. I was a bit tilted from last game where my premade was a bit abusive and tilted me. In the game itself I play draven vs caitlyn. Caitlyn counters me and on bot we gave a few kills (don't go in the comments writing ''git gut with dreivyn bruh"). I wanted my teammates to help me so we could get a couple of kills and even the odds on bot. Noone showed up on the laning phase (and in the game in general). I tilted a lot when panth (from my team) said that others won't help me because I didn't save him from assassination?? It didn't made much sense. However others started blaming me for the lose and exc. and I became toxic. I know I shouldn't be doing that, but I was too tilted to think rationally. I was toxic in the chat in the second half of the game, but I didn't troll and trow the game. However I don't understand how some of my friends are toxic from seasons and write much more curses and don't get banned and I was literally banned for 1 game? Other friends who are abusive also have honor lvl 3 or lvl4 and I had lvl5 (before I got banned). When going in my match history you will see my second last draven game, partially I threw that game, because my teammates and premade tilted me (as I said above) and that's it. I switched my items when they were on our nexus. When you go down my match history you won't see any other trolling, verbal abuse and exc. It's just that something feels out of place. If I was banned for being toxic 5 games in a row, ok I understand. But 1 game? Without a warning? If I got a an ban warning I would mute all in chat in the beginning and we are done. I always did that when I got a warning and my toxidity dropped after around 5 games. But I didn't get a warning. So after all I'm posting here, hoping if someone can give me a better explanation why I got banned. A friend said because I started chatting with "sexism", ignoring the fact that I posted it like a joke. Also now i'm not getting season rewards, so I got that going for me.

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