As a season 1 player Im very disappointed with the new Rune System.

As a player since season 1 when the game had like 10 champions this new rune system seems like a regression of the ammount of customization you could have. Sure not all old runes where tier 1, but a lot of them could be used for you to micromanage your favorite champs. Basically the new rune system is like Masteries 2.0, lets be real you just eliminated the runes, There are no runes anymores, You only made the masteries give a bonus to AD, AP or AS, and added some keystones while removing others from the old mastery trees. Well even if you kept the old mastery trees i guess they were still more useful than most of these new runes. How is this improving the old rune system? I remember spending countless hours trying to optimize my runes for a particular champ. Now i have to make a few choices that feel bad for most champs i play or made them weaker. Also who in their right minds tought i would like to have a cat coming out of my ass to do some more damage? Im so sick of all the fluffy animals in what is supposed to be an arena where you are fighting in life or death combat. i guess you are following the footsteps of world of warcraft when they started messing with their talent trees, and doing stupid stuff with their game. When you talked about changing the runes i tought you would add new runes and remove the useless ones. But you just removed the runes entirely. The game is dumbed down right now, and LOL didnt became popular because it was a dumbed down game without costumization. Most of the success of your game, you own it to the old runes and masteries trees which simulated the talent trees of World of Warcraft and people really enjoyed that kind of costumization in WOW. It is still preseason there is still time to go back on the changes and add real new runes...
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