League of Legends is a great game

When you think about how the game is designed and how smoothly gameplay works, its a great game. The idea is amazing. Its put together as well as possible and its kept somewhat balanced. The game is great. Thats why I'm weirded out every season how is it possible that a great game like this is ruined by its policy of forcing 50% winrate. Why is it ruined in a way where the match making works against its players, not for the players. Why is it that every %%%%ing season you get 5-6 weeks where you can enjoy the game as its designed to be and after that point it starts to suck its own unit. If you get on a winstreak youre put in a loss queue for years. If you get on a loss streak you will be buried in loss queue for decades. Most of the year you dont play against the enemy team, you try to survive your own team. You dont try to win the matches by shotcalling, good mechanical plays, none of that matters. You try to survive the games because the match making is designed by people who dont give a %%%% about their player base. Every single season is the same. Climbing is a myth. 50% winrate is a God. Ranked queue is cancer. But the game itself is great.
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