A league player whose hard disk died

Hello there! i'm Steven, Age 15, is going to a High School of Civil Engineering as an Electrician but i go by "FunnyFriend23" as my summoner name in League of Legends. How i came up with it? Well, not now, Okay? "Bruh why are you talking about this in the Boards? get that Sh*t out" Firstly, my Hard Disk Died and i Have NOTHING, literally NOTHING better to do. Even if i have something to do, i finish it way quicker than i thought i would. Homework? Done. Studying? Done. Dinner? Done. Hotel? Trivago. Anyways, my hard disk died of old age since it was made in like, what year? 2011? 2010? somewhere around that year. When did i start playing League? Preseason 6 when i was in 6th Grade of Elementary School. Why? i was the only guy in class who didn't play League. Why was that? cause i thought it was Trash (at some patches it can be a pain to even play) So one day i made an account and BOOM, got hooked and died to a Blitzcrank undertower. Sad, Isn't it? You know what else is sad? My Skills back then. It was bad, Supremely bad. it took me 29 levels to realise that "ADC" role is a thing and it took me exactly that long to learn how to juke with Flash. oh and my first Successful Champion was Xin Zhao. (currently standing at Level 6) Oh, what's this? Support Laneeeeeee~! What does a support do? Help the ADC get Stronger~! How do i do that? By Crowd Controlling the Enemy~! Wait, what's a Crowd Controll? Woah! time passed suddenly and i was level 30 already! WAIT what was that? oh, it's just Teemo, planting his shrooms in that bush over there. (Yet another Successful Champion Currently standing Below Xin Zhao at level 6) hmm, what do i do with this much IP? "Buy Runes and Quints, of course" ......Runes? "Um, yeah....and do you have your mastery set for certain Champions as well?" Umm...What? BOOM! i learned how to use Runes and Masteries. you know what else i learned? Animation Cancelling! ... ... ... ... Using Flash~! Wait, did you guys hear that? WHO'S THAT POKEMON WITH THICC LEGS? um........Roserade? NO, IT'S CAMILLE! Wait...That's not a Pokemon! It's a new Champion! ......... Attack on Titan Vibes~! it's OP though. "What about the Support lane?" BOOM! BOOM! EXPLOSION! KA-POW! Huh? What's that Sound? *Clock Noises* oh it's just Ziliean, the lord of times. (Yet another successful chamion peaking at level 7 BUT HEY He isn't my first level 7 Champion! you gotta wait first!) "So is support lane fun for you?" YES~! "is it?!" Heeeeck Yeaaa~! "What 'bout mid lane?" oooh, i don't have a good mid laner. "oh really? Try Yasuo he's easy" (many IP waste later) oh look, i can block projectiles and i already feel like a pro. oh look, i'm 0/70/1 That's Yasuoooo~ (that's my first level 7 Champion and i regret it) Woah! New update! New Runes and Masteries have been made! ... ... ... ... I don't understand a thing about these runes (months later) okay i think i understand these runes OH LOOK! A sunken Pirate! ah, it's Pyke. (The MOST Successful Champion out of every champion i played Peaking at level 7 and 100k Mastery) Wanna play Top? PYKE IS FOR YOU! Mid? PYKE! Support? PYKE! Jungle? PYKE ADC? SAME IF YOU PLAY SUPPORT BUT THIS TIME YOU DON'T JUST STEAL KILLS WITH YOUR R BUT ALSO BASIC SPELLS~! Ward? PYKE! Feeder? PYKE! Hotel? Trivago (Trivago Jokes made so far : 2 ) ... ... ... ... ... (and the first part of the story ends here and there's more to come) oh and if you read this far, Congrats! you wasted 10-20 minutes reading a useless story of mine! so umm...yeah, sorry about that.
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