hello their summoners , i thought that this would be hard for some people to understand this so im explaining it in an easier way , so , you need both a key and a chest for opening the reward , keys are earned if you win any mach made game ( not custom ) , chests are earned if you earned an s rank in one of your games . max 4 chests per month , after opening the chest you will get : 1- champ shard 2- or skin shard 3- or Ward Skin Shard, Cosmic Essence, Champion Essence 4- or a combination of all those usage of shards : 1- lets say i have an akali skin shard and i dont want it , u can re roll it using any 3 shards , you will get a random permanent skin, and for a champion shard you will get a random permanent champion . 2- if you want a specific skin you need to exchange your skin shard for cosmic essence , you can use the cosmic essence to buy any skin you want. if you want a specific champ you need to exchange your champ shard for champ essence , you can use the champ essence to buy any champ you want. 3- you can use the skin shard or champ shard . to rent a skin or champ , respectively for 7 days . 4- Ward Skin Shards work the same way as regular Skin Shards. * You can also earn Summoner Icons. These will instantly be added to your account. * Sometimes you will find Rare Gems in your chests. These contain one chest and one key. * you can buy both keys and chests for 125 RP each in the store.
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