A bad day for shaco.

So, a shaco plays a ranked game, ap in toplane and gets 0/12 in 20 minutes. {{champion:35}} : !@€$ this game! {{champion:254}} : Sorry buddy. (jungle) {{champion:14}} : Sorry shaco, it was all planned. {{champion:35}} : How? {{champion:254}} : Shaco is a stealth champion, right? {{champion:35}} : y {{champion:254}}: Now there is a way to beat stealth champions. (Shaco dies another time. Now, he trolls and gets all boots) {{champion:35}} : I dont understand, you are top Vi and jungle sion, how u beat me so hard? {{champion:254}}: Its cause {{champion:254}} : cause {{champion:254}} : we took vi and sion {{champion:35}} : wat {{champion:254}} : To beat stealth champions, you need vi-sion {{champion:35}} : god rrrrrrr (Shaco's team surrenders) {{champion:35}} : bg easy lel !@€$ this !@€$
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