We want MORE maps not LESS #SaveTwistedTreeline

1st Dominion and now Twisted Treeline. You act like it is to "focus on bigger projects" and yet all we get is a lack of care for what the player base wants. Nexus Blitz? nope Weekly gamemode rotation? nope Keeping bans in ARAM? nope URF/ARURF on the regular? nope Stable client? nope (missions broken once again) All in the name of "improvement" and yet you go all out on TFT with art, cosmetics, loot and a ranked ladder in BETA for a quick cashgrab. Compared to the 1st state Nexus Blitz was on release (barely any texture on the map, reused models, bad balance, repeating/ broken gamemodes...etc), comparing he amount of care that went into each project respectively says volumes about where your priorities land. You can't wait to push everyone who complains away not knowing that those who are complaining are the ones who care. #SaveTwistedTreeline
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