where is this game heading?

I ve been playing this game for over 3 years now (since late season 4) an i enjoyed it really much.I could only play 5 hours per week so i tryharded every game and learned with every passing week. As i kept playing every week i started watching more lol vids on yt and found streamers like NB3,trick2g anklespanking stonewall008,gbay99 which helped me through their dedication and vids to improve and fix my mentality and skill i went from the "ALL OF YOU ARE TRASH NOOB PLAYERS" to " its ok mate i should had ganked/helped ( if was not jg) you more" and i saw a big improvement overall in my games. S4 goes by and i found my main Rengar again i was more to play this game every game and even now i remember how i felt when I ever i play this game agan for 5 hours per week. So s5,6 go by and here we are in season 7 in the previous season you could carry bad players with several ways cause assasins could do anything ,the catch up exp didnt effect us that much and power farming was an option and too be honest there werent that many trollers back then sure there had been cases where the matches were unwinningable but theres always a thing i could have done to maybe win the game or atleast make it a 50-50 match. This season i feel like everything is under noones control every game theres atleast 1-2 gusy inting from both teams and its like what dunkey said in the i quit leagiue vid theres 6 players actually trying to win and other are trolling or dont know what to do in my last games inting and flame ing is a culture but theres players telling me that they got BOOSTED to gold so we dont highly about them like whaaaaaaaaaaat.The only thing that kept me playing all of this years is NB3 to be honest and his streams and vids but rn when i watch his streams i feel like he doesnt enjoy it either that much and everything he does is just for the his subs i mean even tobias once said that even tho he loves this game its very tilting and an unpleasant experience. So am sitting here again asking where is this game heading?can Riot actually save this cluster %%%% of game?found out at the next ep of dragon ball Z
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