So again in promos vs smurfs ?

So riot how is it possible this zed and vayne have litterally all games won ? not a single one lost on zed 1 game out of 31 . and this is what i face in promos ? Seriously this game has gone to *hit the guy litterally has 19 kill 2 death ratio nothing in our team comes close to this and or even win rate ? He has never ever lost a game , was season 4 till 8 bronze ? And now someone took his account there is no way its the same guy playing , elo boosting him finally ? :D after 4 years being stuck in bronze he got someone to play for him that is obviously for sure diamond 1 or master .. oh ps this was the 4th promo i lost like this the same way, so guess what ill ruin now everybody's game riot, u dont care anyways ciao watch my next 10 games where i go 1-20 and steal the jungle camps of our team . enjoy .[](
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