fact guys ..

bronz ... silver low gold are fun ... after you hit that gold 1 .... you will start finding toxic int troll ... and no fun ... the toxic and troll lvl in low elo is funy ... but in higher elo it's not ... that what i find when i play on a smurf ... when you hit at least diamond in your life time you will understand what i am saying don't clime start there if you like to have fun ... and toxic kids in low elo ... they flame in a funy way even the trolls are funy ... the lowest elo i had was gold 5 in my life time ... but i played vs and with bronz ... i made some accounts to have fun ... killing noobs ... geting flamed by kids ... this things are funy in low elo ... cuz i know that 70% of the low elo players don't give a %%%% abut the game and think they are gods .. they even ask me how i got to diamond ... i say i play supp .. XD and boom the ???????? !!!!!!! come up .. " for real " they still think that supp is bad ... anyway ... even normal games in the main accounts are not fun ... mabey the new mode ... what i understand it's not fun at all to play solo ... vs full preamt team every 3 games in normal ... and playing duo is not fun at all for me ... cuz your duo will w8 for you to %%%% up to talk shit on you ... thinking it's funy . i looked for a team in this game and i fund more than 12 teams ... all of them are the same ... gay jokes ... shity talk ... never ever talk on how to play as a team or mabey make a compo or even some way to make a champ op. this is what they think " oki a compo is maphit yasou "etc and they never do it or play it ... it is sad that 12 teams or clubs that i fund suck a big %%%%. even if i try to find a team there will be no team that work for the team .. or players wannna play as a team .. all of them think they are gods ... i tryed to make a team ... i fund some guys ... when i start working on the team logo ... no one ever give me somehing to help to .. and when i tell them anything they will say ya that will do .. it will work .. nice . like you dump %%%% i told you i wanna make a team and we work on it and you joined to do it now you don't even work your shit in your head ... i feel like even if i make every thing ready for a players just to come in and do what i tell them they will play 2 games and leave without saying anything ... in the end all this players of lol .. don't have 1 thing to understand what the meaning to have fun or to play as a team ... i understand now ... that video game dunky was right ... you guys suck ...it's not like now i know you but now i can tell you more ... and ya i will never use my main account to talk on this so called " LOL BOARDS " cuz now even saying omg will get you a report so i don't care abut this accounts that i will use to talk if i ever did ... and no my main account did not got baned ... before you start working your dead ass shit in and on your head
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