The Bot that bans people, does not take into account contexts/situations, and is too sensitive.

I took another penalty (the second I think, ever) I find interesting how I havent received any in 7 years Im playing this game, now a couple this year, the firsts ever. And nothing has changed in my attitude/behaviour... Im the same person that I was last year, and the year before that, and so on... They made the Bot (The one who Bans) more sensitive, and stronger, and aggresive. Reports are now like a weapon, that when are acculumated, the Bans fall (From a Bot, who is a "machine/Computer" actually). By the way, I totally know how it works: Even if 4 people report you, it counts as 1, and what it does is to "Flag" that battle for revision. And I totally know they cant "actual" people to check bans (Since millions play this game)... But I have the feeling the bot is very very sensitive, from this year early. Btw its just a 10 battles chat restriction, nothing big. But what hurts is whats "behind" the Ban. Its describing me as an aggresive person, or something like that. Description which I dont identify with. Taking me from 0 blocked honour will take me months of daily playing... I honestly consider myself to be a person with "emotional intelligence", so my mind is totally quiet and relaxed about this issue, i dont feel "culprit". But what happened really saddens me, tbh. Thinking whether to keep playing this game almost daily as I used to. It really really saddened me. Edit: And when you send a ticket, a Bot answers. (Or a person with a copy-paste, even if you ask for a real person to normally talk with you).
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