My whole TFT game is stuck on level 1

Send help. I'm we're losing to minions. We can't shop. EDIT: I'm left with 5 friends and the 3 randos surrendered. If you play against nothing you lose your champion. I will keep updating as my game goes on. EDIT2: I just lost all my champions. Currently on raptors. You somehow keep all your buffs when your champs disappear. EDIT3: Got Carousel. Lost champion after. Keep Losing. Still have 36HP while losing everything. Currently round 6-1 EDIT4: Another thread here said if you reach 0HP you reset to 100. I'm at 23 HP RN and I will keep going until I hit 0. Currently Stage 7-3. _FINAL EDIT:_ Stage 8-4 I died. It reset my HP to 100. Champions stopped doing damage all together. We stopped playing. Thanks for coming to my thread.
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