Good bye League of Legends! Will miss you all <3

Even though, nobody would care to read this, I am still writing it anyways for myself. Well... I guess it&#039;s finally that time to say good bye. From the start.. It was one child.. that was so amusing to watch, because of my emo personality back then, I really fell in love with the character known as Annie, and after watching that video &quot;A twist of fate&quot; I installed league of legends on my computer, and that was a day that changed quite a lot in my life. Even though the amount of times I have said that, oh my god, I hate this game, I hate you Riot, you ruin this game over and over, I tried to leave it so many times, but I couldn&#039;t. But now I have come to the point that I have no other choice but to leave it, because reality hits hard. After all the hate, I still love league of legends, and no matter how TERRIBLE the community may be described, I will still miss it, even the flamers xd....I met someone I really love through this game, and I wouldn&#039;t have met her without playing league... I also met someone who I proudly call my best friend, through this game, this game got me out of my darkest times. Even with the rough community. The LCS, the entire feel of league of legends as a whole life was quite an adventure. :) No matter what the community says, League of Legends has been a huge part of my life and I will never forget the days where I would just sit through hours in a day playing league and screaming in my mic with my friends on skype and just have fun in the game. All those Annie + Leona games at bot lane, Jax and Janna bot... and all the other weird combos at bot lane I could think of xd. After 1800+ Annie games, reaching Platinum and meeting 2 of the best people I know in my life. I have to say. **Thank you Riot**, for giving me this experience. Most of all, THANK YOU! THE LEAGUE COMMUNITY! EVERYONE DESERVES A SECOND CHANCE! I wish everyone here the best in their lives and hope you all achieve your dreams! -Elven Moon
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