When did gold get so horrendously bad?

I've been playing league for a long ass time, I climbed out of gold about two years ago and had been sitting at platinum ever since. I took a break from the game about 11 months ago and only restarted about a month ago and ranked two weeks after that. Obviously my account decayed down to gold 1 but I figured it wouldn't be too hard to climb back into plat. After two weeks of complete hell stuck in gold I'm wondering why I decided to restart playing this game. I know that everyone has rough games, god I had a few when I first came back but you learn, you adapt, a mistake is something you only make once, after that it's just stupidity. At the moment it feels like every lane is lost in the first 5 minutes of the game. People just don't seem to think in the slightest, the enemy team is always cooperating, moving as a team, rotating, being there for dragon, etc etc. I know I sound incredibly bronze with this but it has genuinely been probably about 1/10 games where my team has actually acted like a team, regardless of how they're doing, the rest of the time it's just myself and maybe one other player on the team playing like they've actually got a brain. Of some of the amazing occurrences that I have seen over the past couple of weeks, here are just some. Top lane Jax going 0/4 in the first 5 minutes, then dying again 10 seconds after getting back into lane and threatening to troll if we don't go and try and kill the 4 level advantage monster of a Pantheon he's created. Jungle Vi being on the opposite side of the map when infernal dragon is about to spawn, three times. Bot lane raging at each other inside two minutes of laning after both dying twice, the support then went top and refused to go back. A feeding, useless Elise refusing to give me blue when I'm carrying. Spam pinging that the enemy laner is going bot, bot ignores the pings, 10 seconds later "Enemy double kill". The 0/4 Jhin spamming pings on Lee because he's doing sweet %%%%-all for the first twenty minutes of the game on Lee. My jungler is near bot, enemy jungler is spotted by a ward coming towards us "Heca coming bot come Lee", Lee goes to farm top jungle, Hecarim comes, we get gooned under tower and most of the time take one with us, but we die, they then go dragon, Lee invades their top jungle, or goes base. Adc and support sitting mid on 200 hp after we get baron and inevitably getting killed, top laner decides "%%%% it I wanna join in" and suicides as well. We then lose the game. I'm seriously losing my mind here, I'm half debating whether or not to just stop playing again because it's not really benefiting me in the slightest, in not one game today have I had ANYONE on any of my teams that I'd be like "Yeah I'd play with them again", every single one is either; Feeding, trolling, flaming, raging, spamming for the ff, refusing to group, or refusing to cooperate. This game is mostly just common sense, I don't get why it's such a difficult concept to grasp. "Hmm, Graves was just spotted top river, as an immobile mid I should probably back up and hug the lower side of my lane.... Or I could just sit right by the brush and wait for him to come and ram his fist up my ass" "Care for Ekko level 3 mid", "stfu I know"..... *FIRST BLOOD* "Don't show top or they'll do Dragon Hec" *fail ganks top and dies*..... "The enemy team has slain the dragon" "So Khazix started red buff bottom side, and with this shitty meta of every%%%%ingjunglercheesingmidleveltwo I should probably move away from that side of the map... Or I could facecheck the brush when the enemy laner is following me" I know this sounds like such a rant but I am genuinely just exhausted, I go into every game just expecting every lane to lose, I expect bot to get double killed in two minutes, I expect the top Riven to die 30 seconds into laning, I expect my jungler to invade their Khazix and fail and get brutally murdered. I don't know what to do at this point and I'm just asking for the sake of my sanity and how to just try and counter this inevitable tilt that I'm getting.
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