Banned for laif

Hey there people of the community. I'd just like to give you a friendly hello! This account has been banned since lissandra came out. And i regret it sincerely i was a real kid back then flaming here and there. and i spent loads of real money on this account, i just wanna give you people a warning. DO NOT FLAME. You will regret it really hard when you do get that perma ban. i know i have. years have passed and i just really want you to think twice before you flame in a game. it doesnt help you win it doesnt make you look cool it doesnt do ANYTHING good. So when you wanna flame. JUST DON'T You'll live to regret it. Be smart don't be a retard. as the words of Eminem goes. Have a good experience in summoner's rift don't ruin it. Happy player Happy team. PS. i know i deserve the ban i do not seek condolences this is just a fair out warning that you should all think twice.{{champion:127}} {{item:3184}}
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