A question about the so-called offmeta picks

i do not do not understand why riot allows the players to play what they want in the game. sure you have to have fun in other ways like trying a new champion as a support in my case but why in this way where you could hurt another players game experience. I myself experience a lot that my supports take a pick that's been taken by pro player in but not such a low elo like silver or bronze. the person would clearly not play it well and would ruin it for the adc that just wanted a normal game with a support that can actually support the adc like peeling or healing. supports like teemo would just run away and let you be on your own if u the enemy botlane engages you. MF was picked by a korean team at LCS 2016 but that does not mean that every player can do the same and MF support had a combo where normal players take her randomly. i would just like to get an answer to why players like me has to go through this every now and then (in my case almost about every second normal game). i just think that there should be a report for troll picks. becuase even thought this is season 7 there might be player like me that like to have a normal game with a tanky toplaner, ad adc, mage or ad midlaner. jungler, and a supportive support. BTW i do not have any problems if the lane has talked about it like if they are friends og premades. sorry if i did not spell things right... did it on a whim
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