why am I not allowed to play the game?

Hi, my name is Abdollah Ebrahimi and I'm a 29 years old gamer from Iran. I've been playing League of legends for almost 6 years now. League has been a huge part of my life for these years and I wasn't planing on changing that any time soon, But since last night my country was banned from playing this game due to United states law. Look at this from my point of view, I don't even care about politics. I don't even watch the news. I still don't know what happened and honestly I don't care. I know my country and united states are not bffs by any means but banning a video game? is that gonna solve all the world problems? what good does that do? And let me point this out as well, we Iranian gamers where having the worst player experience possible for these years due to both our Internet quality and EU servers being far from us. We've been playing with 200 ms ping every single day for 6 years for the soul reason of loving this game to death. for gods sake you try insecing people with 200 ms with {{champion:64}}. I've seen streamers complaining like babies about lag spikes that got their ping to 70 ms, If i had a 2 digit ms in this game I would be rank 1 by now ( jk i suck ). All I'm trying to say is we've been standing all the harsh things that Riot games didn't fix for us, I'm not expecting Riot to revolt against the US law ( I still want this company to live ) all I want is Riot doing what ever It can to give back something to us. Something for our loyalty over these years. At least "try" to lift this ban. Millions of people said #freetyler1. I'm not kidding, MILLIONS ! But no one cares about my country. I Don't need people to care about Iran, I Don't care if people care about Iran. I want Riot Games to care about Iran. #letiranplay
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