I quit, and I know none cares.

I just write this to publish that I officially quit league. I know a lot of people are questioning themselves "why should you publish it dumbass". Well, Im just saying my opinion. I believe that a player with 550+ games and 300+ wins, over 500$ wasted and years of playing deserves at least a gold 5 dividion. And not silver 4, which he struggled to get, because of trolls, afks and toxic players. I know that there's people smashing their heads trying to flame me as much as they can, for saying that "I'm silver 4, and deserve gold 5." but this is the truth. Im close to the 5th year registered. And so? Not even a "Thank you". I don't want free skins, nor a challenger jacket. Just a "thank you" from riot. I just don't seem to have that "addiction" that I had when I started playing. All my friends (19) have officially quit. My friend list is dead. League isn't the friendly relaxing game it used to be at 2014. Lastly, I just want to say, that I'm not here to tell riot what to do, nor to convince people to quit, I loved this game and other people still love it. Keep playing. And don't be shamed to take a break or quit. I loved playing this gane, and I would love to do so in the future, if things get better or more intresting. For now, good bye friends.
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