Automated system that make you lose

I've been playing this game for a long time like 6 years and the best divison i ever hit was gold 4. In prevoius seasons 4,5,6, i was playing a lot of normal games i had a rank it was mostly silver 4-3 somwhere around that and i would rank up on begining of season and then play normal matches but then in season 7 i started to play ranked only.I think im not good player but i also think that im not bad i have a lot of knowledge about game and think that i dreserve more same as the houndreds of other players, but thats not the whole point of this post. My friends and i noticed that when ever we won 5 or more matches in row there comes the same or even bigger streak of loses.We used to make jokes about that,like thats some cruse or something but after 2 seasons of that happening i was thinking that might it wasnt coincidence and that there was something more behaind it.I have idea that it is a "Automated system that make you lose". Riot have system that (MMR) wich separtes players and make matchmaking more fair, but system i am talking about is made to slow you down so you dont rank up fast.But how ? Its like a 2 buckets in one bucket there are players who are "normal" they have decent score (k/d/a,vision score,gold earnd...) in 60% of thier matches and in other bucket you have players who are bad at almost every aspect of the game in 60% of matches they play (k/d/a,vision score,gold earnd...) so when somone from "normal bucket" have a winning streak that system take some amount of "bad people" and send it in next few matches to that guy on winning streak to slow him down.Why they made it if they made it i dont know,perhaps beacuse of smurfs and boosters or they just dont want you to grow that fast and want to make you work hard for your desired rank even if you dreserve this but i think it affect players who are not smurfs or being boosted. This idea is very complex but i tryed to make it as easy as possible. This is maybe just me trying to justify my inability to rank up more but this idea has been in my head for some time... Give me your opinoin,did you had a similar experience !? {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
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