Not even a week in and I'm already fed up with ranked.

Started off with standard placement matches, feeding, lack of teamwork, no communication, terrible calls, top getting first blooded two minutes into laning, nobody seeming to understand the concept of rotations, etc. I've been dropped a division which I did see coming, typically happens at the start of the ranked season, I'd kind of accepted it. But since then I've just had the worst few days of lol in my life, I've never come so close to just quitting the game in my entire 3 years of playing it, it has been absolutely awful. It's gotten to that point where I go into a game just expecting to lose, nobody puts ANY thought into team composition or strategy. Everybody just wants to be a hero and carry, nobody wants to just be the meg and pick Maokai or something that actually benefits the team, "hm we have Khazix jungle and Ziggs mid.... TRYNDAMERE SOUNDS LIKE A GREAT IDEA". It genuinely seems to be what goes on in people's heads. I'm a Zed main, and at the start I played mid 95% of the time, either Zed or Talon, occasionally Lux. Every game without fail I was the first to get ganked, and then their jungler sits mid so much it might as well be a 2v1 lane. If I'm Zed the second I toss out a combo with my shadow the jungler rolls around and flashes on me. It wouldn't be so infuriating if my jungler was actually doing anything but they rarely are. My enemy laner could have me pushed to the tower 24/7 on an immobile champion without any sort of punishment. I have had 3 junglers this entire season that have actually stuck out and made me think "I would play with that guy again". The rest of them have just been feeding Lee sins, Reksais that are level 5 8 minutes in to the game, Kayn's that can't seem to decide if they're going to gank when they a ridiculous amount of gank paths they can take etc etc. After a few days of this I decided to go back to playing support, I'm decent at it, was my secondary role getting out of gold in the first place, and I was just getting tilted every game with the ridiculous amount of time their jungler would dedicate to mid when I start dumpstering on them. This proved to be no better. Being bot lane, unless I'm Soraka, in the early stages of the game there is sweet %%%%-all I can do to stop teammates feeding. A few games ago in the space of about 20 seconds they all got %%%%ed. Akali died level 2 to Renekton after trying to 1v1 Renekton at level 2, which is obviously a brilliant idea. Malzahar dies mid solo, and Udyr doesn't bother to ward his red when he goes to it with like 30% hp and gets killed doing the buff by a Warwick. I literally just wanted to afk right there and then, and that's something I never do, I am just so demotivated to play this game now, matchmaking just feels ridiculously unbalanced and every lane apart from bot is just a stomp, with my laners being outclassed at every step. Even if I snowball my adc it feels like it makes little difference, the enemy team just blows everything to kill them, and since our comp is probably going to be awful I'm going to be the only one capable of stopping any of them from killing them. Unfortunately when it's 3 of them jumping on him there's only so much I can do, especially when a Yi and Fiora are gonna be absolutely useless at peeling. I know this is a bit of a rant, but I'm genuinely just feeling so shitty and fed up. I've dedicated a lot of time into this game and getting dumped back into gold is a solid kick right in the nuts, and it doesn't feel like I'm going to get out of it any time soon. Does anyone have any advice for me with this? Because I'm genuinely just stuck with what to do.
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