A geniune question about carrying.

So I've been stuck in Gold for a while now. Had my highs (Gold 1 plat promo's) and my lows (G5 2LP). Currently in G3 and just got demoted. I'm facing the same type of team players consistently, and when I mean consistently I mean streaks upon streaks of the same "terrible" players in my games. I'm not bad, in fact most games that we win I've carried (feel free to check my stats) though that doesn't mean I don't have my bad games. For those that don't believe in "bad players", lo and behold: http://prntscr.com/8zfa94 Not only was my Tristana outdamaged by support Ali, my entire bot lane was outdamaged by their support Leona. I am currently a Jungle main to give the most global pressure/affect to try and carry, I do early ganks (level 2 after first buff and get kills) and counter gank consistently. I am a shyv main, and have found myself struggling to carry. Some games I could go 10/2/7, be present in TF's, try my best to push towers, and still not able to carry, only to lose the game when someone on the team gets caught stupidly etc. What am I missing? How can players from high elo get through gold so quickly, I don't understand what I'm doing wrong. Please help with any tips or advice etc, thanks. For anyone wanting to criticise my stats (feel free to) for any bad games I have, I challenge you to first have a look at my team's score in all those games. For all good scores, again have a look at team scores.
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