Bots in ARAM ?

Few times, i noticed something weird on ARAM. Bots ? Or simply unskilled players ? It's 4:46 AM here. Let's say 5. Every time i play at this time matchmaking system matches me with.. idk what.. 1) Those players always focus one other champion and AA him while 5 others attack him and he doesn't give a f*ck then die.. 2) And ALWAYS, but ALWAYS they say "attack a tower together" at the same period in the game (let's say 8th minute) - Last game only nexus left and someone said "attack a tower together." 3) They have no masteries (that's why i think that they're bots(reason 1 too)). 4) I write in chat something like "hello guys" and no one responds except the other guy with masteries. You can see my last match yourself.. I was playing {{champion:223}} . All guys are lvl 30, but i don't know if they're a real humans or just bots.. What do you think ?
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