Like the good old times

Whenever I want to play something that is not a support, this game reminds me the good old times, when I had my spectrum. It was amazing, when I wanted to play I just only had to load this cassette for 30 minutes and then play. Actually LoL is even better, because they got rid of that annoying loading sound of the cassette. I only had to press play, do something else for half an hour and play a single game. Then I had to repeat from the beginning in multi-loading games if I wanted to play again. So amazing how well LoL reproduce this old feeling. I get into queue, do something else for half an hour, play a single game, and repeat. GOOD JOB GUYS! so proud of you. You are the masters of the retro-universe. Could you please make a cassette version of LoL? that would be AWWWESOME. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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