New Hextech Crafting components
PROJECT returns this year with new skins and a new process for joining the First Strike to unlock unique borders for loading screen cards. As you may have noticed on PBE, we've modified the Hextech Crafting system to prepare for First Strike with two new limited-time crafting materials.
#New Hextech Crafting Components [NOTE: Doesn't look like these are enabled on the PBE yet!] With the upcoming PROJECT skins, several new crafting components are being added to the hextech crafting them. Though these new components, you will be able to craft FIRST STRIKE icons for PROJECT: Ashe, Ekko, and Katarina **that unlock special loading screens!** See the [New Hextech Crafting Components Announcement] for an overview Several new assets, sound effects, etc related to for the new Hextech Crafting components are included in today's update. Will have available details and examples once they are enabled on PBE. Here are the assets for the four new caches and the PROJECT cores: There are also new assets for each of the six previously released project skins, presumably a sort of shard obtained through the new caches. There are also several bundle images added containing the new caches: ______________________________________ Riot has found the dark and DISGUSTING path of the Call of Duty ways. If any of you played or are playing Black Ops 3, you know what I am talking about (Supply drops...). If you havent played Call of Duty, or havent been following the franchise, Call of Duty started doing supply drops. First it was all cosmetic, which is 100% fine, but after a few months, they started to add dlc weapons that you could only unlock via supply drops, AKA, pay to win. Everything that COD adds, you can only get it through that system. If we translated that to League, its like if Riot decided to release a new champion that would only be unlockable through the Hextech crafting (meaning you need pure fcking luck). Now that you all got that idea. Riot is doing it with the PROJECT skins SPECIAL BORDERS. You guys know the First Strike PROJECT borders right? Well, instead of getting it by purchasing it,**it seems** we will be only be able to unlokc it with Hextech Chests. ________________________ To my surprise, Im not really surprised at all. You know why? Any company that has a "gamble"/"luck" unlockable system in their games, will eventually start using it in a greedy way, making sure to squeeze everything that we have. Riot, I am telling you right now. You are about to fck up big time with this. I am talking DEADPOOL in Wolverine Origins type of fck up.
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