Looking for more friends. Please assist me.

I know this sounds weird, but please be patient with me. I realise that living alone has detrimental effects on your mental well-being. So much that in about four years I managed to accrue 238 different accounts in fear 'of someone taking my identity' I know that sounds weird, but only now do I realise how insane that sounds. So onto the actual bit. I would like some more adult friends to chat to and generally stop me going weird. I know this sounds odd, but all I ask is that you are an adult and would like to chat througout the day. Possibly if you live in the UK, maybe a meet and greet in the future. I don't have, nor want social media as I don't trust it. I have email and a phone and skype and obviously IRL. Again, I understand that this is very unathordox, but only now do I realise I have a problem and that I might need a little social interaction on a regular basis. Thank you for your time and considerate thought.
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