wtf is wrong with high gold/low plat mid and top laners?

every game i played my top laner or mid laner or even both of them wants to 1v5 when we are are the riskiest part of the game we sitting on 60 second spawn timers, baron is up, all base inhibs are open and my laners think they are gonna win a 5v1 when everyone in the god damn match is full build. But its not only my teammates, i played a game with the enemy diana is one shotting everyone, all inhibs of mine is open and we never even get close to breaking down their base and instead of grouping she goes 1v5 for our inhibs, she one shots someone but dies after that, she basically stalled the game out so long that our team scaled and won the match because we never 5v5 onced, always 4v5 but we recalled to go to stop her. my jungler did it once so maybe its just a high gold/low plat thing but i have seen this mostly with the solo laners, i have played a lot of games in bronze and silver elo when i was climbing and this didnt happen as often as it does now, do these players really think their the best when they are sitting at this elo?
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