I need some real life advice.

Hi. My uhm, name is Hailey. I could really use some advice because I don't know what to do, I have so many issues and I honestly don't know what to do anymore. I'm scared. really scared. I live with my dad and I think he hates me. To the point that he wants me gone from his life for good. I can admit I'm not the best child a parent could ask for. I'm not perfect, but I do as I am told. If he wants me to do the dishes then I will do them. Lately dad has been getting sick. I think he caught a nasty cold. Ever since he's been really infuriated with me. i accidentally raised my voice way too much when I played league because I was so surprised by what happened. A few seconds later he slam opens my door and yells at me. Saying that "If I don't like it here then fu*king leave!" I didn't raise my voice against him personally. I was just surprised at how much damage bard did to me in-game. So I'm sitting in my room now. Scared to death because I think he's going to kick me out. And I have nowhere to go if he does. My mom already kicked me out because of a misunderstanding with my little sister. And that's not all. When I moved in with dad close to december 2015/January 2016. He out of nowhere began to talk about my debt to him. Because I was living with him. I had to pay rent. Which is completely understandable. I can pay what little money I have. No problem. Except he didn't want the normal amount of rent. A normal rent would be on around 50€ or something each month because i'm his kid. Hell even around 500€ or so. He wanted approx 10,000 sek(Sek is my currency, "Swedish krona". 10€ is about 100 sek so you can do the math). And he wanted it each week. I've racked up a debt over 700.000 from just living with him and that number keeps increasing. and then there's the thing about me going to jail because I don't want to do what we call "lumpen" basic weapons and stamina/Strenght/endurance training as a soldier for our country. I am a pacifist and I don't believe violence will solve anything. But I mostly don't want to do it because it scares me really much. I don't know what to do. I really need advice. Please. //Hailey
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