this game literally gave me cancer

I never rage and rarely speak in this game because I fear being unjustly chat or ranked restricted. I can't vent the anger this game gives me in any way shape or form. Raging in game: restrictions. Raging irl: my parents will think I have mental issues. Now that we got this out of the way... I have been pestered by huge headaches over the last couple months, especially in the morning. They didn't come all that often and I didn't worry about it, I'm a very healthy boy. The headaches got worse and occasionally I had to vomit. I visited the doctor and he gave me some medicine. The headaches left, but after like 3 weeks I had a seizure. My parents rushed me to the hospital. After some days of lying in a hospital bed they told me I have a brain tumor. The cause of this horrible condition is fairly vague, however after I told my life on LoL to the doctor, he concluded that my oppressed anger could be a very real cause of my brain tumor. Now I just have to pray to God that it won't be a malignant tumor (if that's what you call it) ...
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