Aatrox the Unfathomable

Greetings oh Summoners and Elder gods. I come to thee with furious anger at the current treatment of Aatrox. Not only was he underpowered before, but now he hath received a nerf almighty which utterly degrades him. I hath come up with some ways in which Aatrox may be improved! 1: Blood Well - In it's current form it's useless, well almost. Why not make it create a blood shield not unlike Morde's metal shield, like Bloodthirster which will mean that when damage is done, it will make him stronger? As it stands, he is as devoid of meaning as my life. 2: Aap or Aad. Currently the scaling is weird. Maybe make an Ap/Ad option for more of his attacks so he benefits from both, which will increase his ability to move into different roles? 3: Increase the range on his fly knockup, even by a little bit! At the moment it takes so long to activate that the enemy have died of old age before he lands. Either that or increase knock up by 0.15 seconds. Something... Anything... 4: Give him Shen's Vorpal blade. It's such a good ability. Anything's better than being Aatrox right now. Well this made little sense. Actually give Shen back Vorpal blade. He misses it. Alex{{champion:98}}
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