Gotta love the bronze teams.

Okay, hear me out, I know I'm not faker and shit but look what team I just got: The team comp is as follows {{champion:78}} Top with AP runes and AD masteries (Warlord's) {{champion:245}} Mid {{champion:17}} Jungle AD runes and {{item:1403}} {{champion:106}} Support without support items ({{item:3302}}) nor {{item:2049}} {{champion:429}} ADC (Me) At first I'm like "Is gonna be okay, just calm down, is gonna be okay" I get a first blood that turns into double but sadly {{champion:106}} dies, after 7 mins into the game teemo says "sorry guys I go afk 4 mins" that was an instant downer, troll pick, troll build and afk. The thing was they swaped even doe they should have not so they got stuck with that picks funny isn't it? After everything goes down hill (what a surprise) I convince them to surrender. I suggest removing the swapping option in lower elos so that bronzies do not mess it up.

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