Refund Reset

I'll assume that everyone is loving the preseason and the new runes, and is hyped for the new season (Like me). But with all these changes, I'm only unhappy/unpleased with one of them: The Influence Points (IP) change to Blue Essence (BE). Due to the change from IP to Blue Essence, the cost for the mastery advancement in a champion has increased, thus making it harder to actually do it. It would take many games to do it. I'm not complaining about the new method to obtain Blue Essence, but the problem is if we make a purchase that we'll soon regret. E.G.: I bought Kayn, because Riot suggested him for me to play (Because I played Kha'Zix and Evelynn). But, as fun as he might be, I regret having bought him. And it so happens that I used my 3 refunds back on Season 6. Going straight to the topic, I believe everyone should get a refund reset, so these "Regrets" could be loosened up. I remember Riot mentioning on the beginning of Season 7 that "we wouldn't reset it, because everyone would rather get free stuff". Well, because of the blue essence changes and that, I believe it would be correct to reset the refunds. It doesn't have to become a usual thing for every season, just this one, due to the currency change. I'll be awaiting someone's response, hopefully from Riot, with an honest opinion about this. Thanks for your time. PS.: I'll be leaving a Poll about this. For "Science's purpose".

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