Riot's ideas on this last patch

Are awesome. We see tons of crybabies saying it sucks, before even taking time to adapt themselves. New HUD : OK, it's not perfect, i liked the old one more. But now it takes les room on screen, your camera is zoomed back a bit, I feel everything is *obvious* on it. And it's more attuned to the new map, visually speaking. The announcer : I love it. It's a lot funnier than the previous "cold" announcer, feels more rewarding for your good plays and more stressful about your mistakes. It comments on how many barons/dragons teams have (he mocked us once for leaving 3 barons). Multikills and killing spree are more motivating/motivated... If they leave an option to keep it after the event, or make new announcers, it'd be wonderful. About this event : the Graves/TF icon fight, allowing you to root for your favourite hero/go for the icon you want, is a genius idea and i'd like to see more of it. The Gankplank rework changed GP from a champion i didn't like to a champ that gives me (and my opponent) a blast. The kegs mechanic is full of potential, there is a lot of smart things you can do, and you feel like a cunning pirate when you pull of funny explosions, in a trap, in lane, hitting barrels in teamfights changing your AA into armor penetrating AoE better autos. Plus the purchasable ultimate upgrade are really cool. That's the kind of rework Singed needs on W and R ! The upcoming gamemode looks like a blast too, with nnew items, purchasable minions (pokemons ?)... Plus it allows them to try cool new item prototypes that might be added later in a way (remember the poro snowballs ?). The Fiora rework sounds cool too, changing a feast or famine champion rather basic into a much more interesting champion with more options. I'll want to play her after the rework, as much as i wanna play GP now. I see people complaining about the new ult design... at first i didn't understand since it looked so logical to me. The whole nobility/pride involved in her lore is shown in this design, and i think most of the people who like me practice a lot of fighting sports at a fairly good level, bare-handed or using swords, know the feeling after a nice victory, the witnesses cheering, your ego overboosted... You start taking back your spirits, and you feel really really *good*. I recognize this gut feeling in the new ult. I know that whatever changes Riot brings, there will be "conservative" haters, but right now i want to say thank you and keep up the good work ;)
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